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USKA News: Dec 2, 2014 South Padre Island (SPI) goes All-in for US Kiteboarder Association members with discounts galore! October to the end of January is SPI’s Fall/Early Winter wind season.  With a central US location, average high temperatures in the 70s, a 7 mile wide bay that you can wade across, and consistent winds, SPI is widely recognized as the best Fall/Early Winter kiteboarding destination in the US. Now, SPI is treating USKA members like VIPs by providing discounts on Hotels, Condos, Kite Schools, Restaurants, and a multitude of low/non wind day activities.

About – US Kiteboarder Association (USKA)

Now approaching 2 million kiteboarders worldwide, the sport of kiteboarding/ kitesurfing/snowkiting is fast becoming a mainstream action sport like wakeboarding and snowboarding. It is poised to grow even faster as more and more people cross over from other action sports and as kiteboarding becomes an ever more popular vacation activity for travelers.

Kiteboarding in the US and Canada has grown to the point where a national organization of riders provides the best means to pursue common interests, create valuable new rider services, and influence the future direction of the sport in North America.

Here are some things that are important to most Kiteboarders:

  • Sharing the sport with their friends
  • Maintaining and gaining access to kiteboarding locations
  • Keeping equipment costs affordable
  • Vacation kiting
  • Equipment travel issues
  • Kiting in a safe and respectful way
  • Helping other kiters
  • Enjoying the kiting lifestyle

The US Kiteboarder Association partners with brands, retailers, and others to create a national kiteboarding buying club which is now making kiting more affordable for its members.

The United States Kiteboarder Association (USKA) has been formed to promote & grow the sport of kiteboarding and to represent and pursue the interests of RIDERS across North America. When you join the US Kiteboarder Association you not only make your own kiting more affordable, via USKA’s exclusive Buying Club, but you also insure that North American riders will have more influence on the future of kiteboarding.
For those who like mission statements, here’s ours:

USKA’s Mission is to Help its Members:

  • Share the Stoke
  • Spend Less & Ride More
  • Ride Responsibly 

Take a few moments to learn how USKA achieves its mission:

Share the Stoke

USKA helps grow the sport by:

1. Partnering with fitness centers to promote the sport to fitness club members and to provide the action sport enthusiasts with board sports-specific exercise programs.

2. Promoting the sport of kiteboarding by working with kiteboarding schools who offer discounts on kiteboarding lessons.  One school is even providing free kiteboarding lessons during the Fall of 2014.

3. Partnering with the Collegiate Kiteboarding Association to form new kite clubs at universities throughout the US.

4. Starting a grassroots social media campaign with USKA members to invite participants from other action sports to try kiteboarding.

Spend Less & Ride More

USKA helps keep kiteboarding costs down by creating the most popular kiteboarding discount card available.

The USKA membership card is your kiteboarding discount card.  Look at the right and left sidebars to see some of the discounts available to USKA members.

USKA’s creates partnerships with brands, retailers, kite schools, hotels, vacation resorts, and others who offer discounts to USKA members. Learn more about USKA’s Buying Club here.  Or, if you’re already a USKA member click the button below to enter the Buying Club and start saving now.



Ride Responsibly

USKA strongly encourages everyone new to kiteboarding to take lessons from a certified PASA or IKP instructor. Safe kiting practices is the number one factor in keeping beaches open to kiteboarding.

USKA provides a free-to-the-public national local kiter directory (includes Canada) so people can easily find other kiters in their area. (No USKA membership needed)


USKA membership costs just $49 per year. 

USKA members save much more than that.

So, join with fellow riders throughout the US & Canada and insure that RIDER interests stay at the forefront of kiteboarding.

If you’re not satisfied, then we will return your membership fee. That’s our promise.

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